NYT Editorial Page Editor struggles to examine the record on voter fraud (UPDATED)

For a number of reasons, I tend to avoid claims of media bias, as I am often reminded of Silberman’s Law, from Rumsfeld’s Rules, that notes that we often overstate “conspiracy,” while “underestimat[ing] incompetency and fortuity.” However, I have trouble explaining this one any other way. The New York Times editorial page editor, Andy Rosenthal, says, “A half-dozen times or so I’ve asked followers of my | Read More »

By Soren Dayton, ago

Find the next Black Panthers video

Big Government and Election Journal have a great new resource for fighting voter fraud: a free iPhone app. From them: Brought to you by, the website that broke the Black Panther intimidation story in 2008.  iReport is the first i...

By Soren Dayton, ago