Corrupt Dem legislator makes racist attack on Susana Martinez

There’s an interesting scandal right now in New Mexico right now. You see, the New Mexico constitution tries to stop corruption, a real problem in the  state as the Economist recently noted, by requiring that state legislators cannot draw a salary from other sources during the legislative session. But Channel KRQE has reported that there is a set of legislators who do not abide by | Read More »

By Soren Dayton, ago

Darren White announces for NM-1

Candidate — Congress Party Total Percentage PATRICIA A. MADRID DEMOCRAT 93,709 50.16% HEATHER A. WILSON REPUBLICAN 93,105 49.84% Candidate — Sheriff Party Total Percentage JOSE E. CHAVEZ DEMOCRAT 69,781 36.92% DARREN WHITE REPUBLICAN 119,201 63.08% Read more…

By Soren Dayton, ago