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This is how Bonnie Erbe hears Mitt Romney on abortion: "I was never really for it, but I pretended to be for it before I was against it" H/T: GMP1

By Soren Dayton, ago

Brownback whacks Romney again

Mitt Romney: Proud of Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Signed legislation forcing taxpayers to fund abortions as governor DES MOINES – Although Mitt Romney signed legislation expanding taxpayer-funded abortions in Massachusetts, his campaign said Thursday that Romney is Read more…

By Soren Dayton, ago

Brownback drops hammer on Romney

In light of the Kansas City National Right to Life convention, Sam Brownback has dropped the hammer on Mitt Romney. It is a fun read, but Brownback's politcal director has a fun line:

“One would think that Mitt Romney is in training for an Olympic gold medal in verbal gymnastics, as his various political contortions on abortion are stunning in their timing and flexibility,” Gillespie added. "The best advice for Mitt Romney comes from Mark Twain: 'Always tell the truth. That way, you don't have to remember what you said.’”
Full text, including a great timeline of Romney's multiple positions on abortion, after the jump

By Soren Dayton, ago