Twitter Updates for 2010-01-30

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28

  • i love my ipod touch. why do I want a 10in one? WTF is the point of this? #
  • RNC state chair's meeting unanimously rejected the Bopp litmus test resolution. #
  • 75 minutes?? need another bottle of bourbon #
  • NRCC experimenting with SMS on #SOTU Give it a try. #
  • @brookeOB1 @cjoh typical of government. giving away stuff that isn't that useful… in reply to brookeOB1 #
  • drinking wine out of president's dinner wine glasses #
  • he started with building cars as something keeping us busy? He should look more into those car companies he owns … #
  • #youlie #rsrh the taxes don't get the money back. #
  • #youlie #rsrh so the administration has decided which bogus number they are using for stimulus, even though they change the definition? #
  • #rsrh let's take money from one set of companies and give it to their competitors #sotu #
  • go trade! Go international partnership! finally! #sotu #
  • another subsidy for government employees. #sotu #
  • we are going to subsidize housing EVEN MORE? Were you awake the last decade??? #sotu #
  • wow. that looked awful. #
  • obama gets an F from non-proliferation panel. but he got a nobel peace prize for addressing proliferation #donennothing #
  • Dear Progressive Caucus. I would like to introduce you to budget rules. No public option via reconciliation for you … #
  • See @RoyBlunt #SOTU response #rsrh #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-26

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-25

  • RT @royblunt More great news 2 share. We again raised over $1m n last fundraising 1/4. 2 all who helped, this is YOUR achievement. #
  • Great work! RT @royblunt More great news 2 share. We again raised > $1m n last fundraising 1/4. 2 all who helped, this is YOUR achievement. #
  • @lessig The largest IEs of the last cycle was SEIU. The only righties on the list were ideological groups (NRA) and assns of small business in reply to lessig #
  • @tommatzzie @lessig true that hard/soft difference. but unions have had sig. advantage on the hard money front for years. Coerced contribs in reply to tommatzzie #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-20

  • when a campaign plays blam-athon 6 hours before the polls close, you know it is bad…. #
  • @daveweigel I once saw @craignewmark argue that people should vote for dems because of lower taxes…. Politics ain't his business. in reply to daveweigel #
  • scozzafava didn't campaign either. Maybe the lesson is that people who don't campaign lose? #
  • Rasmussen: Brown won 22% of dems. #
  • @ttagaris you guys keep thinking that ….. in reply to ttagaris #
  • @msbellows she played the gender card in a dem primary with 4 guys running against her. in reply to msbellows #
  • rachel maddow is sounding delusional #
  • The margin is big enough that it will be hard for dems to justify not seating him. Especially with the Coakley concession #
  • time to have some tea …… #
  • love that the chamber is running a simple tax message on health care on MSNBC. Hear it Dems? Don't raise taxes. Or go like Martha and Teddy #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-19

  • why did politico contract with a republican polling firm. just dumb. #
  • @msbellows actually, there's a doctrine that says that the senate is a continuous body. You aren't wrong. There's just no "start" in reply to msbellows #
  • Obama to progressives and unions: shut up and take the deal: break your word to your constituents. #
  • @joegross @ggreeneva I think that Politico just runs to traffic…. Not much ideology. Certainly plenty of times that they screwed GOP. in reply to joegross #

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Are MA voters rejecting MA’s universal health care?

All politics is local, or so said former Speaker Tip O’Neill (D-MA). One wonders if Democrats lost the thread of what was happening in Massachusetts when they tried to nationalize the Massachusetts Senate special election around Barack Obama’s universal health care plan.

You see, Obama’s plan borrowed much conceptually from Massachusetts plan that Ted Kennedy and Mitt Romney worked on. The key concepts: a mandate implemented through the tax code, exchanges, and an increase in the regulatory burden on insurance plans and therefore costs. Indeed, the costs of health care in Massachusetts are rising and people are dissatisfied.

Read on …

Peter Suderman wrote at the Daily Caller that the costs of Massachusetts health care are already 20% higher than projected three-and-a-half years ago when it was passed::

And in summer 2009, the state announced plans to drop coverage for 30,000 legal immigrants with a goal of cutting $130 million in health-care expenses.

One problem the state has faced is that it failed to accurately anticipate the true cost of the program. At the time the program was signed into law, estimates indicated that the cost of Commonwealth Care, which is responsible for the program’s biggest single cost, its health insurance subsidies, would be about $725 million per year. But by 2008, those projections had been revised. New estimates indicated that the plan was to cost $869 million in 2009 and $880 million 2010, an upwards increase of nearly 20 percent.

In November, Rasmussen found that only 32% of the state, less than Democratic registration, agreed with the statement that the reform had been a success. Brian Faughnan wrote at the Daily Caller that Democratic polling firm Democracy Corps is finding a deep rejection of Democratic health care plans. It is unclear how different Massachusetts is from the national pattern on this issue.

However, by nationalizing this race around universal health care of the Massachusetts model, albeit with the Obama label, Massachusetts voters finally have the option to express their feelings about their own health care plan in addition to the national plan. This could end up being a strategic blunder of the first order. Hopefully the exit polls will give us the opportunity to discern the degree to which this is the case.