Twitter Updates for 2009-12-30

  • arggggg. Google Voice won't allow me to SMS to an international number…. #
  • dell customer support is awful. They charged my mother to tell her that they can't fix a fan in software. just taking advantage of her #
  • obama is more incompetent than bush at running the country and congressional relations. never thought i would say that #
  • cab driver: somalis shoot you face to face. decent people #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-24

  • Another delay in closing GITMO. The only difference between Obama and Bush was that people believed Obama, right? #
  • "We will win our country back by cleaning DC out and taking over the Republican Party from the bottom up." #
  • why can't i receive SMS on my google voice number? so frustrating… #
  • Nelson Was For It Before Being Against It – Erick’s blog – RedState #
  • So in bailing out the insurance industry, Nelson gives his pet insurance industry an extra special bailout. #
  • Are people going to care about budget double counting and Obama's soon-to-be broken promise? #
  • Senator Kirk: First step taken towards universal health care #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-22

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Reid to America: My backroom deal can’t be perfected

The Senate has been called the world’s greatest deliberative body. Not today. You see, Harry Reid cut a deal with the Democrats. Then he introduced that deal as a substitute to the bill. And then he “filled the tree”. That’s a short-hand to describe a parliamentary manuever by which no amendments are allowed to the action currently on the floor. The Majority Leader can always do this because of some quirks of Senate procedure.

That’s right. No amendments. No changes. No improvements, even minor ones. No Republican ideas. Why?

Either it is perfect? Or it would fall apart on the slightest tweak.

That sounds like running the Senate like a plantation. And when you consider that this is how he is trying to get a massive government over-reach into our economy, it puts a new twist to the Hayek’s title “Road to Serfdom.”