Earlier, I wrote about Eric Holder, Barack Obama's Veep Vetter. That is after the previous Veep Vetter, Jim Johnson, resigned under shame and later was found to be at the center of a corruption scandal involving the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee who got under-market loans from Countrywide, which the Senate is voting to give several billion dollars.

At the time, I noted that Holder, who some think would be Obama's Attorney General and is one of Obama's national security advisors -- even though he doesn't attend meetings in public --, argued for clemency for members of a Puerto Rican terrorist organization.

Well, while Holder was getting a pardon for the husband of a big donor to Bill Clinton (we are talking about Marc Rich), he missed that another set of terrorists, two convicted members of the domestic terror group, the Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans, were getting commuted sentences. Now, Obama doesn't think that the commutations of these guys were acceptable. When his connection to Bill Ayers was raised by Hillary Clinton, he said:

"By Senator Clinton's own vetting standards, I don't think she'd make it since President Clinton pardoned or commuted the sentences of two members of the Weather Underground, which I think is a slightly more significant act than me serving on a board with someone for actions that he did 40 years ago."

So this future AG and current national security advisor sherpaed the pardon of the husband of a big donor, argued for clemency for terrorists, and overlooked the commutation of other terrorists.

And this guy is supposed to vet Obama's VP choices? Are you kidding me? Is this a circus? Are these guys the freak show?

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