McCain starts talking about the recent successes.

Erick Erickson, a friend from Redstate, asks about expanding the campaign "in play in Iowa and probably going to win in New Hampshire":

More money is coming in. There has been an uptick in the polls. … We do need to spend money in South Carolina. … Not totally confident that we are going to win in New Hampshire. 42% of voters are independents.

Dan Nowicki from the Arizona Republic, asks about Iowa. McCain says:

Spend a day or two in Iowa. ….

Phil Klein of the Spectator says asks about the specific of the assets of the loan:

A bank says that they would extend a line of credit to the campaign … Had an event in New York where we expected to raise $100,000, and we raised $200,000.

Jim Addison congratulates on the comeback and asks about a brokered convention:

You get so much of a bounce out of the early primaries, I just don’t think it is true. … No matter how rich you are, no one can buy enough media. It is done with earned media.

Michael Goldfarb from the Weekly Standard asks about Putin and McCain line about Putin: "I looked into his eyes and saw three letters K-G-B." McCain responds:

And then there’s the one about his successor. We knew there was a puppet show. We didn’t know who the puppet is. … But this isn’t another Cold War. They don’t have the territory, the military, [etc.]

James Joyner asks about Mike Huckabee. McCain responded that "Huckabee is a real person." He also said that he is inexperienced in foreign policy.


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Bluey Blog | » Reconsidering John McCain · December 30, 2007 at 12:02 AM

[…] Putting public policy aside, there’s another reason I’ve grown to like John McCain — he’s made himself accessible. Whether it’s at public town hall meetings or through conversations with bloggers by telephone or on his bus, McCain recognizes the importance of relating to individual Americans. Other candidates only talk to elite reporters or packed auditoriums — heck, Mike Huckabee is charging people to hear him speak — but not McCain. He’ll give you the straight talk anytime or anywhere. […]

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