According to RCP, Rasmussen has the first Michigan poll in about a month. Normally, I don’t write about all the polls coming out. But this is the only data we have since the Huckaboom. In this data, we have Mike Huckabee at 21, Mitt Romney at 20, and Rudy Giuliani at 19.

A Huckabee success in Michigan seems plausible. After all, the state has 7.7% unemployment which is, I think, the highest unemployment rate in the country. So it would seem that Michigan could be receptive to a Huckabee message.

But there is something much, much deeper going on. First, there basically is no Democratic primary. From the Detroit Free Press:

The result is that there are almost no Democratic candidates on the ballot here, and it’s unclear whether Michigan Republicans will be fully represented at next summer’s convention. It’s a mess, and an expensive one at that, costing state taxpayers $10 million-plus for the election.


Four Democratic candidates – Joe Biden, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson – have opted out of the Michigan primary because its early date violates national party rules.

Second, there is no party registration. Meaning Democrats can — and will — vote in the Republican primary.  With practically no Democratic primary, could Huckabee’s union endorsements push him over the top? How many Dems can Huckabee add to the mix?

And what happens if Huckabee wins Iowa and Michigan? What does that mean for South Carolina? Or Romney?

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ee2793 · December 10, 2007 at 10:25 PM

Yet another self-referential post. What an ego.

MissouriConservative · January 12, 2008 at 2:54 PM

From a Missouri perspective, Huckabee has it both ways. He elected not to commute the sentence of Wayne Dumond, but he did support his release. This way he was against it as well as for the guy. Then Dumond comes to Missouri and rapes and murders a young girl. All this because some preacher says Dumond found Jesus and would not do bad things again.
Twelve murderers out on the streets thanks to Huckabee’s religious interference. He reminds me of Elmer Gantry. » McCain up in Michigan · December 14, 2007 at 2:38 PM

[…] According to the Detroit News, a recent poll in Michigan shows John McCain up… If you read it the right way. You see, and as I pointed out earlier in the week, Dems and Independents can vote in the GOP primary. […]

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