Romney running scared? Playing expectation games

The day after a debate in which Mitt Romney does …. not so well, it seems that there might be a concerted effort to lower expectations. Jen Rubin had been noticing it for a while.

It seems that that strategy now includes raising Mike Huckabee’s expectations too. But I was struck by the crassness with which Dean Barnett, Romney’s former driver and self-described "Romney shill", did precisely this:

So was this a seismic night? I’ll give that one a big yes. Tonight heralded the arrival of Mike Huckabee as a force in this race. Not a spoiler, not a wildcard, but a force. Huckamania is still running wild. …

Not say, when he actually tied Romney in Iowa polling?

A personal note to all my sophisticated East Coast friends: Don’t wait for the Christmas rush – stop underestimating Huckabee now. Unless the other guys can be a lot more effective at landing some leather on him than they were last night, he may win Iowa by 20 points.