Many people have commented on Bob Novak’s piece in the Post today. I thought that the most interesting point was, perhaps, this one:

But the situation is not a simple confrontation between the Christian right and Giuliani. The Gallup data suggest that Dobson and the Salt Lake City group may be out of touch with rank-and-file churchgoers. A well-known social conservative, who asked that his name not be used, is disturbed by Dobson’s statement he could not vote for Giuliani under any circumstances. Instead of being considered the lesser of two evils in a possible race against Sen. Hillary Clinton, Giuliani seems to be the positive choice of millions of religious Americans.

It is clear that everyone is trying to pick Rudy Giuliani as their primary opponent. Then, they reckon, social conservatives will have to go with them. Mitt Romney is trying, and to some extent succeeding, in rallying some social conservatives to his side. Fred Thompson also is. Today a Fred Thompson associate told me that, "it’s fair to say that I don’t think Land is terribly out of sorts over his early support of Fred Thompson. The two speak regularly, and I don’t think it’s innaccurate to say that he remains supportive."

But… what if it isn’t true? What if people go with Giuliani? To beat Hillary. Or they are worried about competence in running the country? Or they just by the Romney or Thompson stories?