I stopped in at a Fred Thompson House Party organized by my friends at Virginians for Fred Thompson. Other than a party, which I’m always up for, there was a conference call. I took some notes.

Randy, the political director talked about the "momentum to get to February 5th." That struck me as an odd date. Why then? I assume that this means that they think the contest will be determined on the 5th. With this complicated a field, I am not convinced.

Then Fred got on the phone. He started with "It became more and more evident that people are opening a door for us." I was struck by that language. That sounds more passive than it should be. Clearly he has a lot of support. But … I wouldn’t say it that way.

Then he cut into an interesting riff.  He explained, again, that he is going to talk about big, serious issues:

  • "Ready to talk about serious things in a forthright manner."
  • "Politicians are spending the birthright of people who are unborn and can’t protect themselves." (I thought that was interesting language)
  • "Unprecedented deficits and extremely high taxes" if we continue on the current path"
  • "Not pit one generation against another."

These are really important issues. Are they ballot questions?