Turns out that Missouri may be going Ohio on us. A new SurveyUSA poll has some bad, bad news about what must be the environment in Missouri:

Missouri Republican Governor Matt Blunt’s Job Approval numbers inched into positive territory in July 2007 for the first time since taking office, according to SurveyUSA’s monthly tracking poll, a dramatic improvement from the poor marks Missourians have given Blunt in his first term. Today, 48% of Missourians statewide approve of Blunt’s performance, 46% disapprove, a Net Job Approval of "Plus 2." This is the first month Blunt has ever had a "Plus" Net Job Approval. Plus 2 compares with Net Job Approvals of "Minus 30" in March 2006, and Minus 20 or more for most of the months of his administration. Exclusive SurveyUSA tracking data is here. Against this backdrop, Blunt can take no comfort in SurveyUSA’s first look-ahead to the 2008 MO governor election. In a head-to-head hypothetical matchup against Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon, Nixon defeats Blunt 3:2, carrying every part of the state.

The numbers are 57%-38% overall. Missouri is a must-win state for nearly any electoral college math for the GOP. And they are looking to sack their governor? Oy.

Also, I find it ironic that Mitt Romney’s biggest governor catch may not be able to win re-election either…