So, Rudy Giuiliani is up on the air. The AP links these to Ames, but I wonder… Could these be linked to his falling poll numbers?

Stay with me for a second. I have long thought that MItt Romney’s numbers in the early states are somewhat inflated because he is on the air. Whenever you come off the air, your numbers fall again. Now, this is a theoretical statement. Perhaps Romney will simply stay on the air in the first 3-5 states through their primaries. In any case, when Romney went on the air, it was widely analyzed as being necessary to move the numbers.

So, in contrast, Rudy’s numbers may be falling, and he needs to move or stabilize his. Just a thought. Maybe not a good one. But what other theories are there for why they decided to go on the air now?


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ee2793 · July 24, 2007 at 9:52 PM

Rudy will never be the nominee. Period. End of story.

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