Details from Mike DuHaime on Rudy Giuliani:

  • 60k donors. Thinks that this can grow. Lower than McCain’s and Romney’s.
  • $33m raised for this cycle
  • $11m spent in Q2
  • $18m CoH and $0 debt
  • "Finance numbers catching up polling numbers"

Campaign contnuing to grow:

  • Active in 12 states
  • "Only candidate who can win the general election"
    • Can pick up NJ. CT, RI, WA, OR, PA.
    • Says that other  candidates cannot.
  • Anne Dunsmore is credited for finance operation. We last met Anne when she left Mitt Romney’s operation

Anne had platitudes.


Ian Schwartz. Asked about McCain’s failure. DuHaime is worried about Rudy not McCain.

Ed Morrissey. Rate of fundraising.DuHaime says that they are increasing from quarter-to-quarter.

Brian Faughn, Influence Peddler and Weekly Standard. Compare with Democrats. DuHaime said that they were two different raced.

I asked about the 12 states that they have staff in. DuHaime would not say. I also asked about expanding the 60k donors and they said that they were confident that they would expand it.

It strikes me that part of the reason that Rudy’s burn rate is so low is that he does not yet have the infrastructure for Feb. 5th in place. He is in great shape, don’t get me wrong, but the campaign is not fully up and running.

It is likely that the real test for him in Q3 will be the number of donors he adds. He has to demonstrate a depth of grassroots support that he has not yet.


jbonham76 · July 6, 2007 at 2:00 PM


Anne was never in Romney’s organization:

Earlier in the cycle it was assumed that Dunsmore would be with former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) in the 2008 race and The Fix had even — mistakenly — listed her as such in our “Whale List,” but Dunsmore said she had never committed to Romney although she acknowledged the two became friends during Romney’s chairmanship of the Republican Govenror’s Association in 2006.

You’ve got to tired of all the misreporting and distortions you give on Romney. Eventually, you have to look yourself in the mirror i would suppose.

This is right up there with James Bopp being paid.

eye · July 6, 2007 at 4:17 PM


Get over yourself. I said “Romney’s operation”. She was his RGA fundraiser and on the Commonwealth PAC payroll.

You are the one mischaracterizing this one friend.


jbonham76 · July 6, 2007 at 5:11 PM


No need to split hairs, you knew what you were insinuating.

BTW, still waiting for the James Bopp correction. By now you should have been able to prove he is on the payroll.

eye · July 6, 2007 at 8:00 PM


Just out of curiosity, do you disagree that the former lead fundraiser for Romney, left Romney (

Do you disagree that she is now the lead fundraiser for Giuliani? Do you disagree that she was one of Romney’s most important fundraisers earlier?

I was stream of consciousness blogging a call and I was trying to place Anne Dunsmore’s name. And I realized where I had run across her before.

Lighten up.


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