Ok. Mitt Romney was supposed to be the money king. But he only raised $2.8m more than John McCain, according to AP.  Between Q1 and Q2 Romney raised, including the $9m from himself, about $44m. And now he has $12m COH.

That means that Romney spent $32m, with about $20m in Q2.

And CBS still puts him at 6% nationwide.

That is shocking. This is a failure to meet expectations on par or greater than John McCain’s. And there is no question at all that Rudy Giuliani will raise more and have more CoH than Romney.

Update: I found another way to think about this.  If Mitt Romney hadn’t cut himself about $9m in checks, he would have $3m CoH. And having $2m CoH has been viewed as a meltdown for McCain, who was never supposed to be any good at fundraising anyways. The only reason Romney is in this race is that he can cut himself big checks. Combine that with the 6%, the campaign looks to be sputtering.



ee2793 · July 3, 2007 at 9:54 PM

Meanwhile McCain is DOA. Just as I predicted, he’ll pull out soon.

Bluey Blog | Robert B. Bluey » Giuliani Wins the Second Quarter Fundraising Derby · July 3, 2007 at 4:32 PM

[…] I’m still floored by John McCain’s free-spending ways, which left him with just $2 million cash-on-hand. But I was even more surprised to learn that Mitt Romney had blown through $32 million in just six months, leaving him with $12 million in the bank. The only reason pundits aren’t writing Romney’s political obituary today (as was the case with McCain yesterday) is that Romney can continue loaning himself money. […]

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