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"When we walked through the series of measures that are being proposed, we got 77 percent of Republicans, 72 percent of Democrats, and 70 percent of independents supporting it," says Goeas (pronounced GO-as). "There’s not a piece of research I’ve seen that, if you explain each one of those pieces, you don’t get a majority saying they approve it." Several issues are at play, Goeas says.

Shocking. Confirming all the evidence, Republicans support immigration reform.
So, instead of leading, the naysayers are not bothering to educate their constituents…


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karasoth · June 26, 2007 at 7:37 PM

Or it could be they cite things like the Tax proposal (which the Bush administration got stripped) or the Fines (which DHS can waive) or neglected to say that the Temporary Z visa is granted automatically to any illegal who applies if their isn’t a red flag brought up in a 24 hour background check.

I question just how much of the sausage making they are going into on the bill

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