Remember all that blabber about Barack Obama getting so much Facebook support? Recall Patrick Ruffini’s recent discussions about who Obama’s voters are? He said this:

See, Barack Obama has mobilized people, even if he hasn’t mobilized the netroots. He’s brought in students, African Americans, and apparently, young females. These are groups that are relatively apolitical. That’s why when you loosen the likely voter screen just a little, Obama does a lot better.

In that context, I thought this from Mashable was interesting:

Danah Boyd, a social scientist engaged in ethnographic research, has published a piece on her findings regarding the socioeconomic effects we’ve seen play out on MySpace and Facebook. According to Boyd, those with more education tend to be on Facebook while those in the margins of nearly every aspect of our culture can be found on MySpace.

So, I went over to TechPresident and checked how Obama was comparing to others:

Funny. Obama does better than Clinton among the educated rich kids… Who would have thunk?



mikeconnery · June 26, 2007 at 4:10 PM

Actually, that tracks well with youth polling – Hillary does well among non-college youth and Obama does better among college-educated youth.

Patrick Ruffini :: links for 2007-06-26 · June 26, 2007 at 8:28 AM

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[…] Second, movements use contemporary tools that match their constituencies. A number of liberal bloggers have told me that they feel like Barack Obama doesn’t care about them because he thinks that he can get his attention somewhere else. Well, he is getting the level of mobilization that he needs from  young, rich  activists through social networking tools like facebook and African-Americans through email. He is building a new movement. It looks like it may be going nowhere in the short term, but it may in the long-term. When conservatives figure out how to add to our coalition, we will use the tools of the day. And we will help build those tools and have the experience to maximize them. […]

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