So it appears that the whole faux-renta-cop story has legs. Apparently, Mitt Romney’s "Director of Operations" is independently under investigation for threatening a Massachusetts business while impersonating a cop.

This reminded me of another story about Romney from The Atlantic:

"Not only was Eisenhower one of my favorite presidents; when we became grandparents, you get to choose what the kids will call you. Some call you Papa. I chose Ike. I’m Ike, and Ann is Mamie."

This was described quite adequately by Faith in the Sound as, "Quite possibly the queerest thing we’ve ever heard."

So his staff refers to him as 70 and impersonates cops. He wants his grandkids to call him by the name of a former President. (do they play dress up?) His favorite book is Battlefield Earth. He fabricates French marriage law.

Is anything for real? And I’m not even talking about his positions, which are clearly straight out of one of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek replicators. The whole package is just creepy.