Over the weekend, the Washington GOP set the process for delegate selection. This is interesting for its substance, but also because it is an example of how convoluted this process could get if we get to a contested convention. The summary of the rule is that the 37 delegates are allocated by:

  1. 10 Delegates Statewide based proportionally on statewide primary results, with a threshold of 20%
  2. 9 Delegates to the winner in each district.
  3. 18 Delegates (2 per CD) based on caucus only.

That is, there will be a caucus on some date that will allocate 18 of the delegates. Then there will be a separate primary that will allocate the remainder of the delegates in the way specified. Note that earlier, there was discussion of canceling the primary entirely.

Now process this. There will be two separate delegate selection processes.  How will they interact? Very complicated.