John McCain opened the call with a discussion of his speech, his discussion with Kyl, and immigration. He notes that immigration is a national security issue. And he also notes that there’s no smaller bill that can get through the Senate.

Ann Althouse asks about the difficulty of running for President and being a Senator. McCain says it is fine.

Jennifer Rubin asks about slowing up the process. McCain says that he wants a cloture vote this week. He also says that he understands people’s response, but that this is the only option. He has pointed out twice that he is with the President on this. Hasn’t the President lost credibility on this?

Michael Goldfarb asks about MREP. I assume that’s some military thing that I don’t understand. McCain says we should spend money on it and have hearings.

Joe Curly asks about something but I missed it.

I ask about Anbar province and about the right metrics in Iraq. McCain says he is disappointed by statements by the Vice President about revenue sharing. He also points out that one more brigade needs to get there.

John Hinderocker from Powerline. He says that the bill is amnesty. McCain responds that probation is not amnesty, and that the other option is deportation or the unacceptable status quo. On the money. McCain says that if someone does not move to citizenship or they have to apply for temporary worker. That is new information for me.

Ryan Sager, NY Sun, asks about the politics of immigration. McCain points out that Thompson has changed his position quite recently. He also said about Romney, "perhaps we should wait for a couple of weeks for him to change his position again." He also said that perhaps Romney would, "take up his varmint gun and shoot the Guatemalans on his lawn."

Ed Morrissey on immigration and details. McCain says that the fence provisions absorb the fence. McCain also says that sensors and UAVs make much more sense, but that fences are necessary in urban areas.  McCain also says that he thinks that people should have to pay back taxes.

David Brody from the Christian Broadcasting Network, asks about the politics on the left. McCain mentions that Dorgan is going to try to get rid of the temporary worker program. And that the left is worried about the family issue and prevailing wage related issues.

McCain closes talking about the importance of the support of evangelical leaders like Richard Land.



Outside The Beltway | OTB · May 21, 2007 at 2:02 PM

McCain on Immigration Bill…

I just got off a blogger conference call with Senator John McCain. The main topic, as one might imagine, was the immigration bill he and Senator Teddy Kennedy have put together.
His position and mine are identical at a high level, although we likely… » McCain makes an important point about immigration bill · May 21, 2007 at 3:26 PM

[…] John McCain noted that once an illegal gets a Z visa, it is only convertible to a green card or a Y visa (which would put them out of the country in 2 years). […]

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