I love stuff like this:

Today, Obama’s team is collecting signatures to to pressure Sens. Gregg and Sununu to end the war in Iraq. Unoffiically, the event serves another,more Alinskian purpose. There are so many Obama volunteers statewide that the campaign itself cannot accomodate all the solicited help. So today’s event is a place-holder of sorts, a way for those thousands of volunteers to invest their time for Obama’s greater cause. The canvass cements their link to Obama by appealing to another part of their political self-interest.


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neil · May 21, 2007 at 11:53 AM

This sounds like quite a change to me. In each election I’ve paid attention to, I’ve heard ample stories of Democratic candidates simply rejecting offers of volunteer work because they had no infrastructure to give them anything to do. I thought, surely this would be different in 2004, but it wasn’t.

This story makes it sound like Obama’s campaign is following the same pattern of not being configured to take advantage of volunteer work, but at least this time they’re snatching up the volunteers.

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