This is the sort of thing that the conservative blogosphere won’t understand. John McCain is foregrounding his support for global warming. Today, Senator Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from neighboring Maine, penned a piece for the Portsmouth Herald on global warming, praising McCain.  Check this out:

McCain partnered with Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut to introduce the Climate Stewardship Act in 2003. Although congressional leadership was not focused on climate change, through sheer force of will, McCain forced a vote on the measure. While it narrowly failed, he reintroduced the legislation in 2005 and again forced it to a vote.

Sens. McCain and Lieberman introduced an even stronger version of the legislation earlier this year. After traveling with McCain to Antarctica and seeing the mounting scientific evidence regarding the seriousness of climate change, I joined as a cosponsor of this important bill. This legislation employs economically sound measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to year 1990 levels by 2020. It would then lower that cap gradually and reduce emissions by 67 percent by 2050.

Now, this was clearly placed here by the McCain campaign. It even addresses his energy and age in the 2nd graf. Several theories. First, this could be done to help attract independents in a state that is quite green. Second, this might actually be a good issue with Republicans. As I have noted before, concern for global warming polls quite high among Republicans in New Hampshire.

This is extraordinary.