Mitt Romney just announced the endorsement of retiring Colorado Senator Wayne Allard. Romney has signed up huge amounts of the Colorado GOP establishment and Allard’s main issue is gay marriage, so this is no surprise. But the question is why Colorado?

Here’s one thought. Perhaps Romney is trying to seal up the traditional late caucus states like Missouri, which he has (although he just lost the LG to Thompson) and Colorado. Does that mean that Romney is planning for the post-Feb. 5th cleanup?

There are several theories about Feb. 5th, but one is that there will not yet be a decisive winner, and the fight for delegates will shift dramatically after that point. Many of the remaining delegate selection contests will be caucuses in which organization matter. Romney could be laying the groundwork for that. They do run a very methodical campaign. Too bad about the candidate…

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[…] Between that and sending out 70k DVDs, Romney could have moved numbers. I suspect that it won’t be sustained, but it is clever.  As I’ve said before, the campaign is great. Too bad about the candidate. […]

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