Last week, I said that Mitt Romney supported the South Carolina ultrasound-before-abortion bill. But I was wrong. He has said that it is a state issue and ducked, invoking the same federalism argument that Rudy Giuliani is using. From AP:

"I would like to see each state be able to make its own law with regard to abortion," Romney said after a speech to about 50 small business leaders. "I think the Roe v. Wade one-size-fits-all approach is wrong."

This feels like Romney settling on a position that is anti-Roe, but not particularly pro-life. Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain have all declared their support for the bill.

Is this going to be salable to pro-life activists and evangelicals?

1 Comment » Abortion in tonight’s debate · May 15, 2007 at 9:31 AM

[…] Today in South Carolina, the State Senate will be voting on an ultrasound bill that I have discussed previously. I suspect that this issue has been pushed at this time to foreground abortion as an issue.This is going to create several pressures on candidates in the debate. […]

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