Jonathan Martin has the details for Rudy and Mitt. I would note that Romney raised $6m more online than Rudy. That’s remarkable.

Update:  Hotline has more details and Jonathan has the DNC’s attack on Rudy’s fundraising. Several things are clear:

  1. Romney only raised $2m more online than Rudy, not 6. They just counted online-managed in online.
  2. Rudy has a very high average contribution, once you take out the small donors (who didn’t raise that much). I would have expected more online contributions and smaller donors. Rudy needs grassroots. When do they start prospecting? Surely the poll numbers will help with that?
  3. California and Utah were the two biggest states. Romney is doing very well in Orange County, but I suspect that we are going to see stories about Mormon donors next week.
  4. As reported, Rudy’s got a good CoH number compared to Romney….  But you get the sense, comparing these, that Romney is in much better shape raising the next increment of money.