On Face the Nation yesterday, Mike Huckabee attacked Mitt Romney over his hunting record. He said:

"I think it was a major mistake," said Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor. "It would be like me saying I’ve been a lifelong golfer because I played putt-putt when I was 9 years old and I rode in a golf cart a couple of times."

"I think American people are looking for authenticity," Huckabee added. "Match their record with their rhetoric."

On Sunday, Huckabee said Romney’s comments undermined his credibility as a candidate.

At the same time, Huckabee praised Rudy Giuliani’s honesty:

"Now, I disagree with him. I don’t think we ought to use federal tax dollars for abortion, and I wouldn’t if I were president," Huckabee said.

"But I thought it was at least a statement of extraordinary honesty and candor on the part of Giuliani that he would go into South Carolina, a very pro-life environment, and just say, look, this is who I am. I’m not going to change just to get your votes," he said.

Now I have suggested that Huckabee ought to get out, but this illustrates an interesting strategic calculation. Is Huckabee trying to damage Romney to help Giuliani? Is this a game of kiss-up for the VP spot or a cabinet post? Or is Huckabee just shooting from the hip? (consider his recent comment that candidate’s personal lives should be taken into account)