Mitt Romney’s hunting problem continues.

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney said he had "been a hunter all his life." (see video here) But a reporter did some research, and Romney’s campaign admitted that Romney had only been hunting twice, once as a teenager and once for a fundraiser. Then Romney himself said that he was a "varmint hunter", not a "big game hunter."

Well, Romney’s foot is still firmly planted in his mouth. The AP’s Glen Johnson asked a simple question, "Did Mitt Romney ever have a hunting license." Romney hasn’t:

Officials in the four states where Mitt Romney has lived say the Republican presidential contender, who calls himself a lifelong hunter, never took out a license.

Romney tried to explain this away:

Romney says that’s because he has seldom hunted where he needed one.

Well, Glen Johnson did some research. And to hunt "varmints" in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, Romney needed a license:

Officials from Michigan, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where a license is necessary to hunt such small game, said they could not immediately locate any license for Romney. An official in Utah said a change in state law last year blocked public access to license records.

In Utah, licenses are only needed for some kinds of small game. Perhaps Romney was careful about only shooting those:

Jack rabbits can be hunted without a license and killed without limit, but cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares require a license.

Recall that Romney was confused about whether he owned a gun or not:

So Romney went from having a gun, to not having a gun, to having two guns. Except they are his son’s guns. At (one of) their vacation homes in Utah. That’s "his" gun.

This is important because it goes to character. Romney struggles to tell the truth and keep his story straight about basic facts about his own life. He also struggles to keep his story straight on issues like abortion, gay-rights, taxes, guns, embryonic stem-cell research, Ronald Reagan, the Contract with America, immigration, and campaign finance reform.

It is clear what Romney is doing. He is just making it up as he goes along. He is making himself up as he goes along. Is that the kind of man you want running your country?



ee2793 · April 7, 2007 at 1:03 PM

Will McCain every tell the truth about seeking to join Kerry’s ticket in 2004?

dnewby · July 26, 2007 at 6:06 PM

Romney’s multiple political personalities are amazing… in that most politicians try to spread their panderings out over a little longer period of time. If it were not so pathetic, it would be laughable.

Only a few months ago, Romney vastly expanded taxpayer-funded abortions-on-demand via his much-lauded 2006 universal health care program. As governor he also signed gun control mimicking the federal Brady Bill in 2004, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in additional taxes in 2003 alone.

Though political thought police have not blessed this subject, voters should also scrutinize his affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), and the potential impact that relationship could have on his future political choices.

The article below demonstrates why Romney is unfit for any public office:

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