Mitt Romney loaned his campaign $2.5m, according to Hotline. That was a goof for two reasons. The first is that it steps on his own story. The second is that he had suggested that he shouldn’t need to do that:

Romney himself said later that contributing any of his personal wealth to the campaign "would be akin to a nightmare," but he said he reserved the right to do so should circumstances warrant.

Now, the question is, when did he do it? Hotline gives a little hint:

The money was used to fund Romney’s "testing the water" phase — he couldn’t transfer any money from his federal PAC, and since he wasn’t a federal office-holder, he had no federal campaign cash to play with.

Which lasted about a week until he raised $6.5m.  Right? So was he just misleading reporters about that?

That said, $20m really is quite an accomplishment.