Roll Call ($) has the story. I argued a long time ago that Iraq was going to be more of a problem for the Democrats than the Republicans. What has happened since then?

First, Bush is going to get to veto a pork-laden bill. And the people like that:

The new polling data, conducted March 25-27 for the Republican National Committee by Public Opinion Strategies, also found that 64 percent of voters oppose Democrats’ decision to include billions in unrelated domestic spending in the recent Iraq War supplemental.

The strategist also pointed to the poll’s finding that by a 50 percent to 40 percent margin Democrats stand to take the blame for any potential funding shortfalls should Bush veto the spending bill. The White House has issued a veto threat over provisions in the bill setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq as well as the domestic earmarks.

Second, Democrats are divided. Barack Obama has already indicated that the Democrats are going to take this one sitting down. And Hillary is already double-speaking. And the Democrats are divided. That’s why Rangel had to buy the remaining votes.

Ultimately, the Democrats are only going to come to a unified position through a presidential primary. And with the front-runner double-talking and the insurgent "caving", it is hard to imagine how the Dems are going to pull that off.