I just got off a blogger conference call with John McCain. I bunch of people asked questions including Rob Bluey, Phil Klein and Jim Antle from the American Spectator, Green Mountain Politics, Doug from Granite Grok, someone from Wizbang, Ryan Sager, and others.

I don’t want to recount the conference call, but McCain talked about pork, Iraq, Iran, CFR, and the bill in the Senate.

Last weekend in NH, I recorded video on some of these. Here is links to those videos:

McCain apologized for only having half an hour for the call but committed to having more regular full-hour conference calls



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[…] Soren also has a wrap-up of this morning’s McCain conference call. […]

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John McCain Conference Call…

Senator John McCain held a conference call with several bloggers and other New Media folks this morning from 10-10:35.
He gave a brief statement on why he feels strongly that the Iraq Withdrawal Resolution passed yesterday was dangerous. He contend…

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