Hugh Hewitt’s latest book, has gotten both positive and negative reviews. I myself thought it was a touch hagiographic. One of the more negative reviews came from Redstate’s CEO, Erick Erickson:

But in objective substance, Hewitt comes up deficient.

Hugh bashed back, essentially calling Erick a bigot:

The attempt to use Romney’s candidacy as a step-stool for attacks on the LDS is shocking when it occurs on the left, and worse when it occurs on the right.

Erick responded with a title that says it all:

I do hope Hugh Hewitt now realizes I’m not some sort of religious bigot.

Erick continues by accusing Hugh of de facto misunderstanding the constitution and talking down to the people he’s trying to sway.

Then today, Erick asks Hugh to be consistent and call James Dobson a bigot.

And another Redstate editor, Hunter Baker, is also going after Hugh.

Hugh has a lot of readers, as does Redstate. I’ve always thought that the inclination of the Romney suporters to call people opposed to Romney bigots, regardless of whether or not their opposition to Romney was based in religion both offensive and counter-productive.

Is Hugh being offensive and counter-productive with his megaphone?