I noticed something today when I saw that Dan Quayle said that he thinks that Mitt Romney will win the nomination.  Look at Indiana, where the endorsements are split between John McCain and Romney:

Where are Rudy Giuliani’s endorsements? He is top in the polls. He will do well with money. But I think that a lot of insiders still don’t believe that he can win the nomination. Instead he gets one-offs, like David Vitter, who is taken as an indication that social conservatives will support Rudy.

But the endorsement game has been a two-person game on the GOP side. Once you take away New Yorkers, Rudy has only one more endorsement than Duncan Hunter who no one is taking seriously (even his own staff. At CPAC, they were saying that they didn’t know why Hunter was running. They didn’t think he could win)

Now, don’t take this as anti-Rudy, because endorsements don’t mean much. But they are leading indicators of conventional wisdom. When does Rudy start to really roll out endorsements, lists, etc? Those will be one of the signs that he is converting his high poll numbers and name-ID into an organization.

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