Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee point out the obvious today in the NYT. The GOP is restless. Here are some questions that I would like to see answered (show us crosstabs!!):

  1. Who do the 57% who want more candidates support now? And what do they think of the existing candidates? For example, at least 14% (a 7% portion of Rudy’s 50% approval) of Rudy approvers want more candidates to enter. That is soft. (not to pick on Rudy. His numbers are the biggest, so you can make statements about them. I suspect Romney approvers do not want more candidates…)
  2. Do the 57% want more conservative or less conservative policies (or stay the same)?
  3. How does that 57% feel about the war?

Also, it is odd that these numbers, across the board, are much lower than they are in other polls.