Well this might be a bombshell. Or maybe not… Richard Land, Southern Baptist Convention political guru, says that he would not vote for Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton:

“Some would stay home, and I would counsel them not to do that,” Land said of the prospects of a Giuliani-Clinton presidential race. “They need to go and vote. They can always not vote in that race. I would go and vote, and I would vote for congressmen and I would vote for state senator and state representative, I would vote for U.S. senator, I would vote for governor. But I would not vote in the presidential race.”

Ummm. That’s nice. But will the flock follow this shepherd over this cliff? I doubt it.

Do  you believe that because DC conservative leaders say something, will the voters do what they are told, especially when there is a disconnect? What happens when local leaders endorse (or work for) one candidate, while national leaders go another way? The Ralph Reed experience demonstrated that, sometimes, DC conservative leaders might have … other incentives. I look in IA and NH and I see John McCain, Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee locking up conservative leaders… Jonathan Martin pointed out some of this.