Feb. 7. That’s kind of weird.

But the logic is sound. If February 5th does not end the nomination battle, Nevada gets the first bite at the apple.

In the end, I think that Nevada is very good for both Mitt Romney and John McCain. It has both a large Mormon and large military population. Although, I wonder if the military voters will have the time to go to a caucus. On the other hand,I hear from my NV friends that Jim Gibbons is a McCain supporter, as was his campaign manager and perhaps the leading NV operative, Sid Rogich.


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[…] Now this is all premised on the idea that everything will be decided on February 5th. But let’s run  this out. What if it is not decided on Feburary 5th? What if the delegate count is close on February 6th? Then all these caucuses (MO, CO, NV on the 7th, WA, etc.) matter a whole lot. […]

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