Apparently Washington is considering canceling its primary:

Some state lawmakers are thinking about canceling next year’s presidential primary in Washington to save the $10 million cost of the election.

The chairman of the House state government committee, Sam Hunt of Olympia, says lawmakers should consider canceling the primary if it’s going to be nothing more than a "beauty contest."

Nice principle. Don’t let the people vote. It’s too expensive. So how would they select delegates? Parties decide:

A similar situation exists today. Democrats will choose their delegates in community caucus meetings. Republicans might use the primary to select some delegates, but they haven’t decided how many.

Now this is all premised on the idea that everything will be decided on February 5th. But let’s run  this out. What if it is not decided on Feburary 5th? What if the delegate count is close on February 6th? Then all these caucuses (MO, CO, NV on the 7th, WA, etc.) matter a whole lot.

Just a theory.


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[…] That is, there will be a caucus on some date that will allocate 18 of the delegates. Then there will be a separate primary that will allocate the remainder of the delegates in the way specified. Note that earlier, there was discussion of canceling the primary entirely. […]

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