Advice to Romney: Don’t attack Rudy

I don’t watch TV much, so I miss a lot of stuff. But Kavon Nikrad at Race4 2008 notices that Rudy Giuliani’s campaign thinks that Mitt Romney is preparing to whack them.

To do so would be a big, big mistake. Rudy is a hero. It will slime Rudy, but it will also slime Romney, perhaps even more. That’s what happened when Romney tried that against Sam Brownback (here, here, and here).

Furthermore, there’s a deeper issue. The only people who can attack Rudy are people who have impeccable stature within the conservative movement. As Blog PI pointed out in a somewhat different context, there’s a bond between Rudy and the GOP base that Romney just doesn’t have. By attacking Rudy, Romney will even further endanger his relationship with that base.