As everyone knows by now, Mitt Romney has gone on the air in a bunch of states. Here is the ad. Mitt is doing this because he has a problem. A recent post on the Gallup poll blog gets it right:

At the other end of the spectrum is Mitt Romney.  His name ID is just 36%.  But he already has gained significant negatives, to the point where his image ratio is 1.0, based on his 18% favorable and 18% unfavorable rating.   Relatively few people know who Romney is, but those who do are split on what they think about him.

This suggests that the people who are getting introduced to Romney aren’t doing it on his terms. Romney has bombed in the MSM. He is getting defined by other people. So he goes on the air himself.

It is worth pointing out how bad his numbers are. Compare him to Rudy Giuliani:

Rudy Giuliani has the best overall image ratio, 3.0, based on his current favorable rating of 66% and his unfavorable of just 22%.

In other words, even though only about 1/3rd of the population knows who Romney is, about the same number of people who disapprove of Rudy and Romney. If that pattern continues, it is the end for Romney.

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Mitt Romney Watch: On Air…

A sixty second spot, airing for five days in select markets in MI, FL, IA, NH and SC.
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