On Sunday, Patrick Ruffini, paid by Hizzoner, made the argument that the Democratic primary may get 2/3rds of the media coverage. This would make it harder for 2nd-tier candidates to "pop" into the first tier. This would favor the people that the press take seriously, which, right now, seems to be John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Sam Brownback.

Then I saw this on NYT’s The Caucus. Adam Nagourney, about whom John McCain said, "They’re a Communist paper, but he’s O.K.", was at both the Obama and Romney announcements. First the Obama event:

Mr. Obama’s aides said that he had credentialed more than 600 media for his announcement in Springfield., Ill., on Saturday, and while campaigns are given to exaggeration, that sure seemed right: They were everywhere, filling platforms and hotel rooms. There were crews from Japan and England (foreign news crews are the first and surest sign of a very heavily covered event) as well as some of the bigger feet in the American political media: Joe Klein, Chris Matthews and our own Maureen Dowd among them. They had to rent a full-blown American Airlines jet to cart the candidate and his reporters around.

About Romney:

Guess who was not here this morning as Mr. Romney made his announcement? There were probably 200 members of the media; no Japanese crews in sight. Mr. Klein, Mr. Matthews and Ms. Dowd could not be spotted. And the transportation? We are writing this from a Dornier 328 commuter jet, which has been commandeered to carry Mr. Romney’s press contingent to Des Moines. And yes, there are empty seats.

The press is a lot less interested in Romney. Now how much of that is because Romney is Republican or because the press doesn’t like Romney. I would suggest that this is less an indicator of how much interest there is in the GOP nomination and more that the press really doesn’t like Mitt Romney himself.  Hotline savages his announcement with "annotations" about what Romney "really meant".

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