In the last couple of days, Mitt Romney has been savaged — SAVAGED — by the Boston Herald, Boston’s conservative newspaper.

Some examples:

  • This morning, Casey Ross writes about all the MA Republicans who are supporting other candidates.
  • This morning, the editorial board wrote a scathing attack that ended with, "But he won’t get too far by treating voters as if they’re stupid."
  • This morning, one of their columnists attacks his dad’s car and the underlying metaphor for his candidacy. The title, "Anyone Behind the Wheel, Mitt?"
  • Yesterday, one of their columnists — who happed to be chief of staff to Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci — dumped on him for his fiscal record:
    • "we have seen what happens when a Republican governor refuses to take a no-new-taxes pledge, and then, not surprisingly, raises taxes"
    • "a fiscal phony"
    • To New Hampshire she says, "Democrat John Lynch scored better (receiving a B) on the annual fiscal report card issued by the libertarian Cato Institute than Romney (who got a C). The 2006 Cato report described Romney’s message that he was a governor who stood by a no-new-taxes pledge as “mostly a myth.
    • "Romney raised corporate taxes by an estimated $210 million and only backed down under pressure from pushing for even higher taxes on business."

If Massachusetts Republicans and conservatives continue to go after Romney for his record, he’s in deep, deep trouble.

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