On the day that Mitt Romney is announcing, his campaign must have known that his opponents were going to find ways to dump on him. Sam Brownback attacks Romney for misrepresenting Brownback’s record. Three Romney supporters jump ship to McCain.

Perhaps worse, the press dumps on him. Romney’s local Fox-affiliate (he’s still from Boston right?) ran a segment on last night’s 10pm news that’s devastating, digging up more debate tape from his 1994 debate with Ted Kennedy. A WorldNetDaily article compares his flip-flopping to Romney’s father’s. This is particularly devastating, given Romney’s obsession with his father’s "brainwashing" comment.

Romney’s response? The GOP Establishment is lining up behind him! This is the same establishment that expanded government at LBJ-shattering rates? Romney is getting attacked for opportunism and his team places an article about winning the "insider primary", signing up the most lobbyists?

How about his innovation? His business background? Even his healthcare policy? But not an article that a bunch of lobbyists who hate McCain are signing up for Romney… What were they thinking?