This is really quite interesting. Keating said:

"First, the train is far down the track in terms of organization, and John McCain has done a brilliant job of doing that," Keating said Tuesday in a conference call with reporters.

Keating added that Romney has the ability to "write an exceedingly large check to himself."

"I have great respect for John McCain and Mitt Romney, and at this time I’m deciding where my loyalty will go," he said.

Remember that this is someone who did the work to figure out if he could put together a race. While the statement about Romney has been clear, the statement about McCain is perhaps surprising. So when McCain says:

"The reason why I lost in the year 2000 was because President Bush had a better political base, a better financial base and ran a better campaign," said McCain, the unannounced front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination who won another high-profile endorsement in this early voting state.

"I think we’ll run a better campaign in a variety of ways," including better finances and a stronger organization, McCain said.

Perhaps Keating experienced a little of this.


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