There has been some debate over Sam Brownback’s position on the Iraq war.

First, of all, the visuals were pretty good. By announcing his position from Iraq, he got a certain kind of credibility. A sort of, "I’m here, I can see what’s going on, and I think it’s a lousy idea."

Second, there’s some political logic to it. Brownback may be trying to lock down his constituency. As TNR’s The Plank noted:

More interestingly, the move turns out to be pretty welcome among Brownback’s desired base of social conservatives. While 52 percent of Republicans support the surge according to a just-released AP/Ipsos poll, some 60 percent of white evangelicals oppose it, as do 56 percent of self-described conservatives.

I’m willing to bet that Iowa caucus-going conservatives are even more anti-war than that.

And with MoveOn’s ads attacking McCain next week in Iowa, it will be interesting to see where Romney goes. More squeeze on him as I have discussed before, and John Mercurio echoed yesterday.


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[…] Sam Brownback, the other half of Biden-Brownback, is counting on Republican activists being less pro-war than public opinion holds. There is polling evidence to support this. […]

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