Weyrich still thinks Romney’s a phony

Paul Weyrich gave an overview of the field of GOP Presidential candidates. On Mitt Romney he said:

"Governor Romney is going to make an attempt to sound like us," say Weyrich. "[But] I don’t think he is; I don’t think he’s the genuine article. And I think he really ought to be closely examined, especially for the flip-flops he now claims he’s done on abortion, on same-sex marriage, on any number of issues — including hate crimes, by the way."

Weyrich really likes Huckabee:

"He is dynamic, he is exciting, he believes in all the right things," says Weyrich in describing the Arkansas governor. "I think that if conservatives really got behind him, that they would bump him up to be a first-tier candidate."

That said, the Club for Growth has made the argument that Huckabee is not acceptable as an economic conservative. Romney’s pitch is still going to be that he’s the best anti-McCain who is both a credible social conservative and economic conservative. But you wonder. As Steve Chapman said about Romney:

So, as a pro-lifer, I know Mitt Romney is now firmly on my side of this critical issue. And I have complete confidence that he will be there until he isn’t.