Romney losing support in Michigan

Mitt Romney is getting beaten up again in the Evangelical media. Again, it is Pat Robertson’s CBN:

There are at least four Republican Representatives from the Michigan State House that are seriously rethinking their support of Romney for President. These are members of Romney’s steering committee in Michigan who are now having reservations about recent revelations about Romney’s past comments in regards to marriage, abortion and the Boy Scouts.

Ouch. This is not the first time that Romney has lost supporters. He recently lost his California fundraising consultant, who had worked with him at the Republican Governors’ Association. The story goes on. They see a flip-flop-flip-flop-flip on abortion:

The representatives who may leave Romney are really questioning the legitimacy of his conservative credentials. Romney has always said he has evolved on these issues over the years, but these folks in Michigan think it’s okay to evolve, but some of this seems to be major flip flop material, especially on the life issue where they point out how he’s gone from pro-choice in 1994, to pro-life in 2000, to pro-choice in 2002 and now back to pro-life. Romney’s office will dispute this, but what they can’t dispute is a potential unraveling among their steering committee in Michigan. Michigan is crucial to Romney.

Will the NRO fan club begin to shake?