Romney losing his California fundraising consultant?

The FlashReport has a mumble of trouble with Mitt Romney’s California fundraising operation:

There are some changes taking place in the California operations of Mitt Romney’s fledgling campaign for President.  FR is still tracking down the details, but we’ve heard from very reliable sources that California uber-fundraising Anne Dunsmore and her California Capital Campaigns (see the ad to the right), who have been doing fundraising for Romney’s Commonwealth PAC, are not doing the general, federally limited Presidential campaign fundraising for the retiring Massachusetts Governor.  We’ll see how this shakes out.

I’ve heard similar whispers too. This is Anne Dunsmore’s firm. Anne worked with Romney at the RGA. One of the issues is his PR disaster over the last several weeks over abortion, gay rights, etc. People feel like Romney simply hasn’t been honest with him. At the same time, his handling of it just doesn’t look prime-time, even though the staff is first-tier.

Note a similar tone in an article in today’s Boston Globe about events yesterday in New Hampshire:

"When I first heard his answer about his journey of becoming prolife, I began to feel better about the questions being asked of him lately," said Shannon McGinley of Bedford, N.H. "After talking with him in person, though, it is hard to figure out what he does believe."


"People in the prolife community are still looking for that strong, Reagan-like conservative, and we have a lot of questions about Romney," said Karen Testerman, a social conservative activist from Concord, N.H. "What he said today were good answers, but I think you will be hearing us asking him these questions a lot."

Another blog has coverage of the meeting, including how he (mis)handled some questions