Update: Drew Cline from the Union Leader corrects me. He says:

Some anti-Mitt Romney outfit calling itself eyeon08.com has included me in a list of “MSM” members down on Romney for flip-flopping on abortion and marriage. Not so. I haven’t made up my mind about Romney yet. Nor do I have to. It’s a long way to the primary. Heck, I haven’t even interviewed him yet. But I do like his hair.

I hope that I didn’t over-characterize his statement which I quoted. And I’d like to not so much think of myself as anti-Romney as just a rubber-necker, looking at the car crashes with perverse interest. In any case, my apologies for lumping. I think that Mr. Cline did make some statements that bear some similarities with the other sources I quoted.

Original post:
Well, for starters, Drew Cline, editorial page editor of New Hampshire’s very important Union-Leader calls Romney’s flip-flop a "change of heart" and says that he is "not sure a lot of conservatives will find" the explanations "convincing".

AP ran a story today that Fox News titled, "Gov. Mitt Romney Denies ‘Flip-Flop,’ Says He’s Opposed to Gay Marriage and Abortion."

DaveG from Race42008 notes Bob Novak’s column on "McCain Inc." and says:

Second, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen Mitt tagged with the “former social liberal” problem by the MSM.  It looks like the fisking Romney’s been getting on the blogosphere is working its way into the CW.

Never mind Novak saying, "The combination of this and his abortion flip-flop could strangle his candidacy in its crib."

Dick Morris didn’t think that it stopped there. He even called it a "flip-flop-flipped":

Since Romney has flip-flop-flipped, going from pro-life to pro-choice to pro-life, he is unlikely to gain traction on the right.