In day 4 of Pat Robertson’s offensive on Mitt Romney, the Christian Broadcasting Network ran a segment on TV about Romney’s Log Cabin letter entitled "Romney’s Pro-Gay Letter". Watch it here. Some tasty quotes:

It could be a big problem. It really depends on whether he comes across as credible on this in what he says and what he does.

A group in Massachusetts, the pro-family MassResistance has long been criticizing Romney, questioning his sincerety on this issue. They say he has an anti-family position on certain subjects like homosexual adoptions and gays in the Boy Scouts.

It will be interesting to watch to see how Governor Romney gets out of this one with especially with Evangelicals. These are voters he needs in the worst way if he’s going to win the presidency. You know he’s Mormon, so for some Evangelicals that’s strike one right there. Now this letter. Strike two. Is strike three just around the corner?

I hear that as a message. In other news, it appears that Romney has flip-flopped, according to Hotline, (which refers to K-Lo as "his National Review admirer") on gays in the military. Before he appeared to be extending that. Now, not so much. And same for ENDA.


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