National Journal did a CNN/Opinion Research Poll and asked this question: Who do you not want to run for President. The answers:

Republican % Democrat %
Bill Frist 51 John Kerry 51
Mitt Romney 50 Al Gore 43
Newt Gingrich 48 Barack Obama 38

This is interesting. As many people don’t want Bill Frist (why would anyone want him to run?) as don’t want Mitt Romney? I’m not surprised by Kerry.

I’m also intrigued by Obama. I still haven’t decided what I think  about Obama, but I will write something soon.

I don’t put too much stock in this because of the name ID issue. I don’t know what people know about these. Hopefully National Journal will give us more results.

1 Comment » Insiders evaluate McCain pulling ahead · December 8, 2006 at 12:10 PM

[…] A majority of GOPers think that Romney’s religion will hurt him. Note even, from last week’s National Journal, 50% of Republicans don’t want Mitt Romney to be our nominee. […]

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