While the main theater of the 2008 battle has been in Florida at the RGA meeting, someone pointed out this week that McCain might actually contest Iowa. This was not news to those paying much attention, but whatever.

The Iowa section of the blogosphere got excited about a bunch of hires. Chris Cilliza tells us that McCain bagged another social conservative who is important enough to earn a who Fix post to herself. Hotlineblog explains this a little more. As a point of commentary, is he "courting social conservatives" or are they supporting him because he is the most conservative electable candidate?  Krusty Konservative tells us that McCain seems to have hired significant people from each of the important congressional races in Iowa except Leach — who appears to have endorsed Romney in a WaPo article. Caucus Cooler tells us that McCain bagged a high-level SoCo activist. Earlier in the week Caucus Cooler documented the implosion of Pataki’s IA operation and suggested that many of those people would move to McCain.